A Christmas Carol, 2015

This was a fun bit of voice acting. ¬†Ruth suggested that I try to push my vocal range just a little bit as the voice of three of four ghosts in Charles Dickens’ Christmas classic, performed at the Red Room performance space at the TAF Library in Taipei.

The Ghost of Marley was by far the most fun to play with because I got to do things with my voice that I normally wouldn’t do in the interest of making him a memorable character for the kids sitting in the front row.

If I was going to be on the bus for six hours, there seemed to be no sense in doing things by half-measures. For this role, I found myself experimenting with different manners of breathing and a variety of postures to use my whole body to produce the tortured vocal stylings of the first ghost of the evening. RRRedux-ChristmasCarol-085.jpg