Back to Work

Summer time, and the speaking is easy, which is good because I have a bit of a sore throat. Just finished a week’s vacation around this beautiful island with my son, and the constant switch between oppressive heat and arctic air conditioning has run havoc with my vocal chords. We ate junk food, surfed, and […]

1984 @TheRedRoomTaipei

It’s way beyond what midnight kind of sleepy, but I spent the last few dozen frantic minutes reading George Orwell’s 1984 adapted for vocal chords and noise by  Ignatz Ratzkywatzky, Taipei’s preeminent script writer from parts West. To call it a “radio play for our times” fits five better than a four fits five. No, Winston, […]

Three New Ads

Before Christmas, I traveled to Taipei to record the voiceover for three ads supporting MSI Gaming’s new Trident desktop computer. It was a great way to spend an evening in the studio. Now that the ads are released, I can share them here.Here are The Dinner Surprise, The Epic Quest, and The Old Friend. Thanks to director John […]

1001 Nights

My friend Alton Thompson wrote an adaptation of 1001 Nights, the work that Ali Baba and Aladdin come from. He asked me to provide the voice of the king.  ‘1001 Nights: The Radio Play’ is now available for listening any time. You can find it at the ICRT web site and on the ICRT app […]

Three Little Commercials

A friend from the Red Room introduced me to a director a few weeks back. The director seemed pleased with an old podcast I sent as a quick demo and  we discussed plans to record a web commercial for some VR hardware. The script appeared in my inbox on Saturday and gave me a couple […]

What’s The Story?

“Why do we have to learn stories,” my students might have asked me the first week of class. In a few weeks they will be faced with a multiple-choice quiz and tasked with answering knowledge-based questions from a graded reader. True enough, in their other classes they are met with page after page of multiple-choice […]