Coming Up in October

Things are quieting down at school and I have time to enjoy a bit of voice play in Taipei next month. Tomorrow night I’m heading to the studio to record the audio for a VR movie about Taoists, computers, and heaven. It’s the middle of the week and a bit of a hike, but the script sounds like a lot of fun.

On October 21, at the Red Room, R4 is presenting Stone Soup as part of one of their traditional potluck gatherings. From what I hear, a huge potful of wine can go a long way. I just saw the script this morning and I’ll be brushing up my Russian accent to play “The Soldier” and putting on my noisy hat to provide Foley sound effects as well.

After that, on the 28th & the 31st, I take part in some proper Readers Theater with a presentation at Red Room of The Masque of the Red Death by one E.A. Poe an American writer of some note.  The adaptation does a marvelous job of working with the natural cadences of Poe’s original work and the sound design by Anton Botes is really out of this world. I wish I could be in the audience, but as The Clock, I’ll do plenty of standing around and watching.  I must be a choreographer’s nightmare.

No idea what November will bring.

One thought on “Coming Up in October

  1. I wish I could be there! I would love to see/hear your performances. Hope the timing is right for Maggie and the kids to go. How fun to be able to see your dad in showbiz!

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