The War of the Worlds Will NOT Be Televised

It’ll be on ICRT FM100.1 in Taiwan eventually, though. The script, which went over like a UFO at NTNU two weeks ago, has been freshened up a bit for the next audience. This being the last R4 recording session for now makes puts the pressure on the cast to bring the goods. This is gonna be a blast from a heat ray.

The session was done in a little less than three hours, which on a Saturday is quite a gift from ICRT general manager/ cast member Tim Berge and engineer Ping Liu who were kind enough to fire up the strange, glowing apparatus and let us play on words.

It’s hard to keep the right energy in a studio vs in a live reading. I don’t usually set to giggling during live performances, but being boxed up with cast members Pat Woods and Thomas Banemore is usually good for a laugh.

I was impressed once more by how well the students from NTNU did. The one guy who was tasked with sounding nervous and delivering his four lines had me absolutely convinced he was about to lose control of necessary body functions.

For sound effects, they don’t need me to do any Foley because Ping’s sound effects library is enormous, but the dozen or so of us in the booth got to contribute the walla walla and hubub crowd noises at increments of anxiety and excitement, and then, later chant ॐ for about two minutes and give Ruth a peaceful end to her work here.

Not a bad day of work. Walked in to the booth at 10:30 a.m. and wrapped before 1:00 p.m., I think. Now it goes to Ping for post-production and will be aired at a time and date TBD. Stay tuned.

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