1001 Nights

My friend Alton Thompson wrote an adaptation of 1001 Nights, the work that Ali Baba and Aladdin come from. He asked me to provide the voice of the king. 

‘1001 Nights: The Radio Play’ is now available for listening any time. You can find it at the ICRT web site and on the ICRT app Radio On Demand.

Actors featured are Ruth Landowne Giordano, Paul Batt, Chia-Hsuan Lin, and Alton Thompson. Producers are ICRT’s Ping Lu and Timothy Berge.

The text for readers and oral storytellers remains available in e-book form here

… and at Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Scribd, and other sites. 

Give it a listen here: ICRT on Demand, 1001 Nights

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