The Next Generation

My coteachers and I, along with about twenty high school sophomores paid Matt Smith a visit at his Lofty Deity Studio here in Taichung to give these future voice actors a taste of the inside of a sound booth.

Matt, a 16-year Taiwan hand, walked two groups of students through the design of the studio which he finished building in his home about three years ago. Students learned about acoustic wall coverings, the difference between a cardioid mic and an omnidirectional one, and how to apply reverb and delay on a DAW!

Matt’s a real pro. Not only an accomplished soundtrack producer, but perfectly at home in front of a group of high school students. Here he demonstrates proximity and how it affects the recording.

My lighting for this shot was such a disaster the first group into the booth didn’t need to bother holding their scripts up.

I shall make it one of my secondary goals of future field trips to properly light a group shot in the darkened control room.

Feedback on the ride back could have been much, much worse as our tour bus was equipped with a karaoke machine that mercifully remained off. Some kids hoped they could go back in the future for a summer job, others hoped they could take this elective class again their junior year.

That’s great news. I hope it means my colleagues and I have done something right.

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