Spiritual Narration

your spiritual temple sucksGot a message a few weeks back that the director Hsu Han-Chiang wanted me to provide a narration for the virtual reality film he wrote called Your Spiritual Temple Sucks (全能元神宮改造王). I really enjoyed working with John the last time I was in the studio when we recorded voice-overs for three computer commercials.

On Wednesday afternoon the HSR got me to the Aacross Studio in Neihu faster than you can download the Uber app via 3G as you glide over the Taiwanese countryside, so I took a cab to Aacross Studios and got there about 120 minutes after the bell rang ending my school day 140 km closer to the equator.



When we sat down at the mixing desk, John told me that YSTS is to be shown at the Kaohsiung Film Festival (高雄電影節) and that he wanted an English voice for the international audience. We then walked and read through the script, noted where emphasis should fall and where madness should crescendo, and here and there about word choice. Then it was off to the recording booth where the stands never quite seem to be high enough.


This was my first time working with a script while watching a video on a tv screen the size of a mattress. This is a skill I would surely like more practice doing, though there were a few moments in which I felt my voice click with what was before my eyes and it was endearingly satisfying.

I felt such empathy with the narrator who watches his hard work begin falling apart. There’s a point where the narrator has a meltdown. I muttered, howled, shouted, pleaded,  “Don’t do it” about twenty times to give the director a selection to choose from. As a junior high school teacher, it felt good to get a few days of frustration out of my system.

All in all, it was a great experience and I look forward to doing some more.





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