SARI…Not Sorry

Fresh off our perceived success at completing a Readers Theater script for our junior high students, Andy Boni and I got to work on the drama portion of the Fall 2020 Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs Young Diplomats competition. We got started before this year’s theme had been announced, and as a result, we came up with three or four false-starts that may see the light of day in another form down the road.

外交小尖兵, or XJB in the local foreign teacher parlance, is a program which was developed to help young people build up their communication skills & teamwork while getting them involved in current events and imagining Taiwan as a player on the International Stage. High schools around the island–there were 37 in our division–field teams of four first or second-year high school students to compete in this annual event

The theme usually has something to do with Taiwan foreign policy and linking student life to cooperation with our Allies as described in Taiwan Southbound Policy. This year we wrote about using social media to boost creative output. The many changes we put the script through strengthened both the final version and the relationship between writing partners. I feel that we have built a culture of cooperation and respect that makes us both look forward to future collaborations.

Paul, Jim, Vita, Alicia, Angela, Lulu, and Andreas

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