Salvation Mountain

I am grateful for friends; they will be my salvation. Max Power has got me busy on several occasions by giving me a heads up about directors with groovy projects who were in need of a voice over artist. Max rocks.

Today I hopped an HSR to Taipei where I had the opportunity to work with the visual artist 劉劉玗 and two other voice actors, the Magical Burke Giordano and the Polyrhythmic John Stephenson at Nil Ravine Sound Assembly in Yonghe. The job for the day was to create a section of the  soundtrack for an art installation that was filmed, in part, by drone, the brainchild of Liu Yu.

The character I was voicing was a pioneer in the California Gold Rush of 1849. He’s seen some days. He’s from Indiana, which worked out ok, because that’s where I last lived in America before setting out to find my own Utopia.

The three of us sat clustered on folding chairs clustered around the mic in the vocal booth of this teeny tiny apartment studio in Yonghe.

Having a couple hours to rehearse in a noisy coffee shop was nice enough for getting the big picture, but I felt the three of us really started to work well together when we could hear one another in the headphones.

The script is comprised of four scenes which we went through several times, becoming more and more loose with each pass. Finally the director pretty much asked us to improv all the way through the story, just for fun and in case there is anything that could possibly be layered into the final edit for the installation. The cutting room floor will, no doubt, be littered with gems

It was a most productive day.

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