I find it incredibly relaxing to lie down with my headphones on and listen to an audiobook. I was the youngest of four, and there were always people willing to read me a book during my critical period. Listening to a really good reader now takes me back to such tender days and the years, sorrows, and stresses melt away.

Reading aloud is another kind of nice. Whether I’m reading to a class of students who question my sanity, or an assembled group at Reading Round Tables, I love to share a well-written story. The spoken word amplifies the written and it gives me goosebumps when I feel that the emotion in my voice aptly colors the mood of words committed to paper a century and more ago. When I can tell people in the audience are getting goosebumps, too, I know there is something connecting us in a way that might be the converse of what happens in a room full of people staring at phones.

I’m going to read something I like to someone I love tonight. Tomorrow, I hope to read something I love to some people I like.