Nice work if you can get it

Me, hard at work.

This summer I hooked up with the director John Hsu to work on a new Interactive VR film that he wrote and directed that was commissioned by PTS for this year’s anniversary of the moon landing. It’s called, appropriately enoughgGreat Hoax: The Moon Landing. The character, aexpertly animated for your sense goggles by 3Dar in Argentina looks shockingly enough like me, that is to say the guy has a big nose and wears sandals with socks.

John Hsu hard at work.

We had a long weekend in Taiwan a few weeks back which coincided with the Kaohsiung VR Film Festival. Serendipity Films had a private screening of an early cut for industry representatives and we were able to slip in and have a look.

The VR Lab, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

It was a great opportunity to introduce my wife and kids to virtual reality. It was my first interactive experience with VR and I had so playing around with objects and tossing them around the set was allowed me to overlook all the little bits that haven’t been completed yet. My son was very enthusiastic about it and immediately asked if he could have a set, but there are entrance exams in his future so no dice, virtual or otherwise.

Franklin daydreaming in VR.

We also had time to check out the festival screenings and explored Monet’s garden in French director Nicolas Thepot ‘s beautifully realized Claude Monet–The Water Lily Obsession.

Maggie’s in the garden…

Yesterday, John and I met up at GTSX studios in Taipei to record some edits and additional responses for interactions with my character.

I expect there will be updates on this project in coming months.

In the meantime, go see The John Hsu film Detention. It’s his first feature length film and has been recommended to me over and over again by acquaintances around town.