If This Isn’t Nice…

Your Spiritual Temple Sucks is showing at Sundance this week and next as a part of the New Frontiers division at VR Mobile Program 4.

The film, a Serendipity Films production in cooperation with Funique VR Studios in Taipei, is directed by John Hsu of Taiwan.
The satirical film illustrates the relationship between Realities Augmented and Virtual by allowing you to step into the plain of existence inhabited by a well-meaning but impatient deity (Ctwo) called The Thunder God in spite of the likeness in appearance to Pikachu.

You become Mr Chang as you watch your life changed for you no problem “Special Price.”
 From the spiritual plain (sans Shirley MacClaine) there’s a portal to the mortal world where we witness the result of Thunder God’s “assistance” in real time. Keep an eye out for the creepy twins from The Overlook Hotel.


The sound design by Aacross Studios is a feast for the ears. The audio cues make navigating the scene a piece of moon cake.

Plus, full disclosure, I think they made my voice sound fantastic.
 If you’re in America you’re closer to Utah than I am, go to Park City and watch it a couple times for me. Drop me a line if it made you giggle.


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