Dork Chanelling Orson

Taiwan is saying goodbye to the Giordano’s, Ruth and Peter. Ruth was my introduction to the Taipei Art community and since my first voice acting gig, she has been a tremendous friend and source of inspiration.

This Saturday, Ruth’s production of Ignatz Ratskywatzky’s adaptation for Taiwanese audiences of Orson Welles’ adaptation of HG Wells’ novel War of the Worlds will be put on at NTNU. If you followed the last sentence, and are still interested, check out this here poster for details.


From the NTNU English Department: 【2018人文季英語系活動】:4 月21日(六)12:30-18:30 Drama Event 小型劇場及戲劇專題演講 內容說明:2018人文季活動 邀請國內表演團體進行小型劇場演出及戲劇專題演講 一、活動名稱:All the Island’s a Stage: English-Language Theater and Performance in Taiwan 二、活動類型:表演/展覽 三、活動時間:2018年4月21日 1230-1830 pm 四、活動地點:誠八樓英語系視聽會議室 五、活動內容簡要說明: “All the Island’s A stage: English-language performance and Theater in Taiwan.” The Spring 2018 Drama events planned and sponsored by the National Taiwan Normal University College of Liberal Arts, the English Department and Literature Track members highlight the many English-language drama and theater opportunities for our students and friends on the island. Although the groups that will bring their presentations to NTNU have been working and producing art for decades in Taiwan, many of them are unknown to our students. Brook Hall’s Lab Theater, the Red Room activities organized by Manav Mehta, and the Red Room Radio Redux readers’ theater performances designed and performed by Ruth Giordano and her troupe offer high-quality theater experiences in English to local audiences, and NTNU students and community can benefit a great deal from exposure to the cultural richness of these performances.


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