In 2014, when Martin Scorsese came to Taiwan to film Silence, he wasn’t looking for my voice, but my beard, and I was one of dozens of hairy background actors who came to beef up a crowd scene for his film. We were told, “Don’t talk to the director.” He was, after all, busy making a film he’d dreamt about for decades.  On the set of Silence, we sat in silence and made very quiet conversation between takes. It was through this experience that I became acquainted with a rich community of creative people in Taipei, and it was for fellow Silence alumn Alton Thompson’s radio adaptation of 1001 Nights that, as The Sultan, I made my voice acting debut in Taiwan.

The narrator of that drama, Ruth Giordano, is the director of the Red Room Radio Redux, an old-time radio theater revival group that performs at the Red Room performance space at the TAF Library in Taipei’s Da An District. Since this fortunate meeting, I’ve been involved in dramas several times a year in various forms around Taipei.

I am conveniently based in Central Taiwan and am available for dramas, radio production, or audiobook recording throughout the island, or on the