Back from the Dead?

2020 will end sooner or later, won’t it? I just finished a fortnight bundled up in the hospitality of Taichung’s Veteran’s hospital. A blood clot in my leg broke off and moved up through my heart and was loitering around my lungal region. I’ve been poked and prodded and rinsed and wiped, and now I’m home on the couch.

A coworker is beginning a podcast with her students and asked if I could suggest any resources. So, naturally, I sent along Why You Should Start a Shitty Podcast. I bemoaned the fact that I haven’t taken the advice and gotten off my butt to get going. This is a conversation I’ve had over and over again. When she suggested I start a blog about acting and voice acting, I kicked myself over here to say “Hi, I’m alive.” Thanks Anna.

This summer while lounging beside the pool (in Taiwan where we can do such things guilt-free) I got a heads up that 24 Hour Productions was auditioning for a musical via Zoom/Skype, and would I please put together an audition tape with a comedic monologue and a song. So it was while working up a bit from American Pie that I began to notice this peculiar leg pain that isn’t quite a muscle cramp, but surely I don’t have another blood clot in my damn leg let’s just see what the acupuncturists can do for me and before I could sing “Feed Me Seymour” I was in the ER with a note from the doctor saying look, you might die in the next couple days, ok? Be cool.

Spoiler. I’m still here.

Looked like I was going to miss the deadline for auditions, though, and that bugged me. Brandon Thompson (TPE-Helluva Guy) checked in to see what my status was. I filled him in and he told me not to worry about the audition. A few days later, in a hospital bed, director Crystal Chen reached out and said she loved the idea of me playing a tall half-dead butler with bad hair in an upcoming play. It’s really the part I was born to play.

“Your only line will be GRRRRHHHH.” This may be my only gig of 2020, so I’m gonna have to really the milk the emotion outta those nine letters.

So, imagine you’re me, you’re in the ICU and you’re croaking “Move Toward the Darkness.” Laughter truly is the best medicine, but the nurses thought I was nuts.

The 24 Hour Productions maiden performance is on October 2, at 23 Comedy.

Oh, and a giant PS! The nurses at Taichung General Veterans’ Hospital are the most dedicated workers in any profession that I’ve encountered in the last two decades in Taiwan. I don’t know if I can express my gratitude enough for the quality of the care I received there. Big Thumbs up Taiwan Health Care!

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